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With over 20 years of experience performing skilled criminal law defense in state and federal courts throughout Texas, the Neal Davis Law Firm has developed an exceptional reputation for making sure every client receives the respect, discretion, and expert defense they deserve. The key to our success is communication: with prosecutors, with judges and juries, as well as with our clients.

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He helped us with a weapons case
Neal is an honest and very knowledgeable attorney. I highly recommend him. My son was arrested going through the Houston airport and I found Neal. We handled everything over the phone and he went above and beyond what he needed to do to make sure my son was taken care of. From bail to hotel to getting him on a plane home! For that I am truly grateful.
Criminal Defense
Client's illegal possession of weapons case dismissed
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
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He doesn't give up, no matter what you're up against
This man saved my life from false imprisonment. Neal's belief in 'liberty and justice for all' as laid out in the Constitution of the United States, and especially as that principle relates to constitutional rights regarding the receipt of a fair trial, coupled with his refusal to quit fighting, are attributes of a noble spirit and a man of high character. When I interviewed Neal to defend me against very serious false accusations and criminal charges that followed, his candor about what I was up against and his real interest in my general welfare made choosing him to defend me a 'no brainer.' Hiring Neal after hearing Dick DeGuerin say 'Neal is a real fighter' was the best decision I could have made and this was after interviewing a number of attorneys. He cares about people, truth, and justice; an attorney who will not give up; a man who will defend the rights of anyone accused of a crime with every fiber of his being to ensure fairness and the protection of our legal rights.
Sex Crimes
Client's child sex abuse case was dismissed
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
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They are truly advocates for their clients!
First off let me thank Neal for his courageous and tireless work on my case. It was a long 2 years he fought for my freedom and he succeeded. Without him I would not be able to write this. If you value your freedom, family, friends and life, he is the attorney for you. He is more than qualified to represent anyone and any case. He along with Ty Brock are amazing men and advocates for their clients. Countless emails, text, calls and questions were always answered truthfully and without doubt in his abilities. He doesn't promise an outcome, only that he will work his heart out for you and get you the best outcome he can. Without a doubt, this man along saved my freedom and assured me not to worry. If you are in trouble minor or major, hire him and his firm. They will fight for you, and make you feel safe and informed. Thank you so much, Neal, for your expertise and effort. I followed your plan and put my trust in you and without a doubt it was one of the best decisions I made in life.
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
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So thankful to have found him
I've been around great attorneys, and you hire Neal if you want a great lawyer and gentleman. He takes care of business and his clients. He is one of the best criminal attorneys I know. Mr. Neal Davis is the way to go. Thanks, Neal for all you have ever done for me, sir. God bless you and your firm.
Client's family violence case dismissed.
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5
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